We Help DTC Brands Generate 1M+ Views and $50k+ in Revenue in 30 days using a DFY TikTok strategy.

(All without paying a dime for ads or creating your own content)

This isn’t a traditional social media strategy.It’s simple. We produce content that converts.

The Problem Is...

→ Most brands struggle with TikTok due to the difficulty in understanding the platform’s unique user behavior and content preferences.→ Creating compelling content that resonates with the TikTok audience is also a challenge.→ Additionally, there is limited ability to effectively target specific demographics or interests, making it difficult for a brand to stand out in a crowded and highly competitive environment.

We've Cracked the Code...


By utilizing data-driven insights, creative strategies, and a thorough understanding of the platform, we help brands show content to the people that care.


Tired of spending hours a day creating content that only gets 1,000 views? We create all of the content. All you have to do is keep up with the orders.

Results speak louder than a THOUSAND words.

Marketers lie. Numbers don't.Agencies lie. Results don't.

We only take on 1 new DTC Brand per month.

Let's Talk.

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